About us

About us

Without great gear, you won't reach your summit!

We built Boxmyjob with a simple goal: simplify your job search and make you save time!

Boxmyjob is a new way to organize your job search, browse on your favorite job boards and whenever you find a job that you like, add it to Boxmyjob in one click. Easy as pie, isn't it? To make it even simpler, we provide you some jobs that you could like from the top job boards.

Tens of thousands job seekers have already chosen Boxmyjob to manage their job search, what about you? Sign up!

The team

Florian Fine


Fabien Rigollier


Jean-Yves Goubet


Julien Derenty

Lead developer

Our advisors

Hervé Schlosser

CEO France Pari

Guillaume Martin

CEO Pictarine